An American Pain Reliever

Although there are pain relief medications or solutions which originate all over the world, many Americans would prefer to trust one which was originated in the US or at least met US authority’s approvals. American CBD is, therefore, a pain relief cream which not only is effective but is also approved for use by those American authorities.

Although everybody must by now have heard of cannabis or marijuana, not so many may have heard of hemp although all three of these things are the same. Cannabis and marijuana are of course names which are associated with illegal drug taking whilst hemp is known as a plant which has many beneficial properties. How this is possible is because the psychological effects experienced with the taking of cannabis or marijuana are only due to one of the many components which make up the hemp plant.

Cannabinoids in the hemp plant are what is responsible for the potentially harmful psychological effects felt when taking marijuana however there are numerous cannabinoids present in the hemp plant and it is only the cannabinoids which contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which have a psychological effect on us, whilst other cannabinoids have the potential to be beneficial to us.

Cannabinoids are in fact so beneficial to us that the human body produces some of its own and due to that our brains have Cannabinoid receptors and are perhaps the reason why cannabis is so effective on us. Of course, though, the cannabinoids which our own body creates, do not contain the potentially harmful THC. The problem has always been how to separate the beneficial cannabinoids from the harmful ones but now that has been achieved, the cannabis plant or hemp can be used beneficially in improving our health and in particular relieving us from some of the chronic pain many of us suffer from.

Hemp has always been known to have beneficial properties and in fact was used for many purposes prior to it being outlawed, first in the United States and then throughout most of the world. The first Ford car was actually designed to run on hemp oil but it was perhaps the suggestion that it could replace many paper products which helped to make it illegal. Although cannabis can be a harmful drug if used for recreational purposes, many thought that its beneficial properties out-weighed their bad reputation however it is thought that pressure from the oil and timber industries was over-whelming enough to force a ban on the growing or using of hemp in any form.

Since the harmful cannabinoids which harbor THC can now be segregated from the more beneficial ones, the using of hemp for non-recreational purposes is now being re-thought by many countries and even some States within the US. Any lifting on a ban on hemp will certainly be beneficial to many people that suffer from chronic pains and so limited production of these marijuana products is now being seriously considered, not just in the United States, but all around the world.