A Mommy Makeover

A fairly recent set of plastic surgery procedures are becoming increasingly popular and due to them being carried out on a large number of new moms they are being called mommy makeovers. Miami based mommy makeovers are perhaps the most popular although they are now also becoming more popular all across the country and in some countries abroad as well.

A full mommy makeover comprises of a tummy tuck, breast enhancements and liposuction but not all these procedures are always asked for or in fact needed, so often only one or other is undertaken. Any or all of these procedures are not life-saving operations and so they are known as elective surgery, meaning someone must elect or request to have the surgery which means the procedures are not prescribed although doctors may suggest them in certain circumstances.

Whilst pregnant a woman may gain some extra pounds which the baby does not account for and once the baby is born, those pounds remain, often around the waist and it is at this time when a tummy tuck may be considered. This procedure will remove wads of fat from the abdomen to make the waist and torso thinner. After giving birth a mom may also notice her breast size has been reduced and this too can prompt a breast enhancement procedure. With breast enhancements there are two options, the first being to keep the breast the same size but to make it former and lift it. The second procedure is to add to the breast size, making them larger and either or both can improve a woman’s looks after giving birth. Liposuction is one procedure which can be performed on several different parts of the body including the buttocks, abdomen, chin, arms or legs. The procedure first breaks up any unwanted fat in the target area and then siphons it off by the use of a strong vacuum.

The first people to get plastic surgery were probably the rich and famous but that was at a time when this type of surgery was in its infancy and was not only experimental but also very expensive. Today the procedures have passed the experimental stage and so have also become cheaper so that now almost anyone can pay for them. Today, just in the US and UK, more than 300,000 of these procedures are carried out annually and so they have now become routine procedures for the surgeons which carry them out and so have very few risks if any associated with them.

Although these procedures are now commonplace, sometimes the results can vary and so it is always a good idea to see the results of some of the procedures you are requesting, before you actually request them and this can often be done online. Although the largest number of plastic surgeries are now performed on new mothers, other people are also requesting them and of course the rich and famous are still leading the way in finding new procedures which may also become common in years to come.